How Is Study Island Different From Other Academic Providers?


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Study Island delivers online educational materials to students that differ by state, preparing them for that state's most important academic tests. Students using this program also have options fitted to them by individual needs and skills.

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Study Island is an online program available in all 50 U.S. states and three Canadian provinces, according to the map on the provider's website. The program takes into account both federal and state standards for the questions produced; thus, Michigan's tests fuel the questions provided for Michigan students, but these questions would also include Common Core materials mandated for many students in the U.S. Users can access Study Island on phones and home computers as well as at school, giving opportunities for academic practice outside the classroom.

Study Island also enforces certain limits on student performance. These include mechanisms, such as temporarily stopping a question-and-answer session, that push students to pause and consider if they have entered incorrect data. Teachers can also change what scores their classes need to pass a certain section, or adjust the program to read questions aloud for students with special needs. These features enable students to have a more tailored and flexible experience with Study Island than may be possible with other academic providers.

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