How Do You Study for Glencoe Pre-Algebra Tests?


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Students should study for Glencoe pre-algebra tests by working the practice problems and examples in each chapter. The content in Glencoe chapter tests draws from material and practice problems in the corresponding chapter of the Glencoe textbook.

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Topics that the Glencoe pre-algebra textbook covers include integers, basic equations and inequalities, ratios, area and volume, and polynomials. Glencoe has organized the textbook so that each chapter builds on previous material; as such, students should ensure that they have a good grasp on the earlier material in the textbook before moving on to subsequent chapters. In addition to chapter tests, Glencoe offers standardized test practice, which tests students on material from the first chapter through a chapter of their choice, to ensure that students retain earlier skills.

In addition to the Glencoe pre-algebra textbook, many websites offer instruction and review in pre-algebra. Khan Academy, for instance, offers a series of lectures on KhanAcademy.org and on its YouTube channel that covers the material found in typical pre-algebra courses, such as negative numbers, decimals and fractions. While the lectures do not themselves provide practice problems, students might find them helpful in explaining material that might not have been clear upon reading the Glencoe textbook.

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