How Do You Study for the Cosmetology Written Exam?

To study for the cosmetology written exam, organize your notes, study regularly, take practice exams and get mentally prepared for the test. Some students buy study guide resources.

The first step to studying for the cosmetology written exam is organizing the correct information. The exam consists of questions about sanitation, shampooing, hair cutting, styling and chemical services such as coloring and perms. The exam also includes information about nail and skin care and cosmetology regulations.

Start studying as soon as you know your testing date. Cosmetology courses typically require purchasing a textbook. Go over the pertinent areas in the book. Make flash cards of that information to supplement notes taken in class. Set aside time to study regularly rather than wait right before the test and cram.

The written exam takes one to two hours. To prepare for the test itself, take practice tests. Several study guides are available for purchase, and these include practice tests. Another alternative is to take practice tests online, such as on Taking practice tests not only helps with time management but also with mental preparation for the test.

Some state boards of cosmetology provide study materials, so contact your appropriate board to check if it provides them. Even if it doesn't provide study materials, it can say what percentage of questions are covered under each topic.