How Do You Study for the CDL Driving Test?


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You can study for the CDL driving test by enrolling in a truck driving school, taking practice tests and learning what CDL examiners are looking for. You should also be aware of which mistakes are likely to earn you an automatic failure and which are acceptable.

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Courses at truck driving school can cost more than a thousand dollars, and there is likely to be a retesting fee in the event you fail your driving test the first time. Driving school courses may consist of pre-trip inspections, air brake classes, in-truck training and simulator training. Courses should be taught by licensed instructors. You may need to be a driver of a specific class in order to qualify for certain courses.

Practice tests can review questions that are part of the CDL driving test. Practice tests can consist of true or false questions, driving situations, and what examiners are looking for during your test. Any practice tests you take should be current and offered by a reputable source.

CDL examiners often pay attention to your overall behavior as you're taking your test. Practice remaining calm under pressure and confident while behind the wheel. Actions that might warrant an automatic failure during your driving test usually include forgetting to give a turn signal, hitting the curb and rolling backward before coming out of a stop.

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