How Do You Study for an Assessment Practice Test?


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To study for an assessment practice test, study the materials covered in the test, look over notes, and then take a self test. When studying for a practice test, it can be useful to use many of the same techniques used when studying for an actual test.

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How Do You Study for an Assessment Practice Test?
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Find out what kind of information is covered in the test and find the relevant materials in old class notes, assignments, textbooks and online resources. If the test is for a specific course, look at old tests for an idea of what may be covered. If it is a general assessment test, such as the SAT or ACT, a broader study regimen is necessary to cover all the topics.

Examine old notes with a highlighter or pen to mark important concepts during study. Highlight key points and use additional underlining to emphasize topics that are the most important. Transfer these to flash cards for self-testing or use in group study situations.

In addition to flash cards for test practice, come up with short answer or essay questions and write about them, then have someone else check the work. Alternatively, have someone read through notes and textbooks to ask questions and check answers against the facts listed.

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