How Do You Study for the ASE Certification Exam?

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence suggests a combination of official study guides and practice tests to prepare for the ASE certification exam. The NIASE site also offers test tips and a thorough explanation of the online exam process.

ASE practice tests can be taken using vouchers purchased from the NIASE website. Delivered exclusively online, these practice exams emulate the format style, and questions used in the real test without the same pressure and high-stakes results. The tests, which are half the length of the official tests, provide a detailed report regarding both correct and incorrect answers. Study guides are also available through the NIASE that offer a comprehensive look at each test in the series, plus tips for further study and practice.

The NIASE also suggests outside training methods for a more hands-on experience. Suggested are in-service training providers, taking community or technical college courses on the subject matter, and looking into test material provided from other parties, though this material is not officially approved. The NIASE suggests considering multiple means of prep, such as combining study guides and practice tests with outside training and courses. The NIASE also recommends contacting the Automotive Training Managers Council for more information on trades and training offers.