How Do You Study for Algebra 1 Homework?


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The best ways to study for Algebra 1 include copying down examples and notes given by the teacher, repeating problems from prior assignments and tests that were difficult, and paying attention, even during the most difficult lectures and demonstrations. Enlisting support from parents and friends is another valuable strategy.

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When teachers calculate the solution to problems on a document camera or on a whiteboard, the purpose is to show the precise steps. Copy these down so that you can see your way through similar problems later. Some people take pictures of these examples with a smartphone, and while that gives you the information, writing it down requires a level of processing that snapping a picture doesn't accomplish. Do the same with any notes that the teacher writes down, so that you have them when it's time to do homework or prepare for a test.

If problems in the past have been difficult, make yourself redo them. This helps you overcome the hurdles in your own mind, both of confidence and of skill, so that you learn the missing information. Sometimes there's a temptation to cheat off others during test corrections and homework, but performing those calculations over and over until you have them right teaches you how to do those types of problems.

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