Why Do Students Need Homework?

Homework provides many benefits: it reinforces lessons and concepts taught during the school day to help students improve memory and perform better on tests, and it promotes the development of organizational skills while improving concentration. Routine homework gives students a sense of independence as well, and it fosters a sense of independence and teaches students discipline and focus.

Many students have academic strengths and weaknesses. For instance, some excel at math and science but struggle with reading, writing and languages. For others, writing comes easily but math proves difficult. Completing homework assignments in all areas of academics helps students work on subjects and skills needing improvement. However, students reinforce confidence in their schoolwork by completing assignments in areas of strength. Homework prepares students for tests as well. According to studies, students who routinely complete assignments achieve higher scores on standardized tests than peers who skip homework. As with other activities, moderation is key when it comes to homework. Schools and teachers assign appropriate amounts of homework based on grade level to encourage assignment completion. To encourage homework completion, parents play a role by establishing a time and place for children to work at home. Turning off distractions such as the television and phone helps students focus, as does a quiet atmosphere.