What Do Students Learn in Fourth Grade Social Studies?


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In fourth-grade social studies, students learn about the history of their home states, the various levels of government and regions of the United States. They use resources like newspapers and autobiographies to complete projects, such as participating in debates and making timelines.

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Fourth-grade students in social studies study their home states by learning about the state's geography, culture, natural resources and economic background. They compare the way of life in their state at various points in time. They learn about the role of Native Americans and settlers in their state. Common projects include making brochures, models of important buildings and creating three-dimensional maps with labels for rivers, mountains and important cities.

The students also learn about the difference between renewable resources, such as water, and nonrenewable ones, which include oil. The pupils learn about the five regions of the United States and the physical characteristics, such as canyons and lakes, that distinguish the regions. Cultural features like food are also studied.

Map study includes learning how to use climate and elevation maps, legends, scales, compass roses, and map keys. Teachers also help students use current events to connect their studies to their present lives, heighten their knowledge of the world and improve their critical-thinking skills.

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