How Do Students Gain Access to the System 44 Next Generation?


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Students gain access to System 44 Next Generation through their school or other learning institution. Their school must purchase the license for this software from Scholastic Inc, and as of 2015, the cost per student for this program is $1,100. The available license accommodates a minimum of twenty students.

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System 44 Next Generation is a reading program designed for students facing challenges, including students with special educational needs, students with behavioral problems and students with learning disabilities. Aimed at students in grades three through 12+, this program focuses on helping the student improve in areas of reading comprehension, such as phonics, fluency and vocabulary, as well as writing skills such as spelling and sentence structure.

This learning system is meant to be used by an educator trained in the program and its software, and the program is supplemented by highly specified teachers manuals. If used in a classroom setting, the ideal class size is between 10 to 12 students. However, one-on-one instruction is available and can be implemented on the iPad by taking advantage of iOS accessibility features.

Finally, System 44 Next Generation allows teachers to monitor the progression of their students through their online dashboard and the Scholastic Achievement Manager, which collects, records and organizes all the data from the students' performances.

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