How Do Students Benefit From SuccessMaker?


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Students benefit from SuccessMaker, a digital math and reading program, by gaining a better understanding of basic math skills and exposure to reading materials to improve comprehension and literacy. The program adapts to each student's skill level and produces teaching lessons and activities to gain proficiency in reading and math.

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SuccessMaker is a web-based program produced by Pearson that provides reading and math instruction that promotes higher-order thinking strategies. The reading materials integrate interdisciplinary themes as well as science and social studies so students can expand their knowledge of various subjects. The program is customizable, allowing educators can build a learning path for each individual student.

SuccessMaker also allows students, teachers and parents to track progress with real-time analysis of performance on reading and math lessons, activities and tests. The web-based program features on-demand intervention that provides feedback, additional instruction when students encounter challenges and step-by-step tutorials to assist with learning.

Educators and parents can forecast achievements and add customized lessons for students struggling with basic concepts. SuccessMaker is often used in the classroom to supplement learning and to provide extra practice with skills when students are not meeting state standards. The program is designed to cover Common Core standards and proficiency goals set by school districts.

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