What Are Some Student Scenarios?

Student scenarios about discipline problems include students interrupting the teacher during lectures, students refusing to complete assigned work and arguments between students. Scenarios about academic problems may involve a failure to turn in homework, cheating on tests or coming to class without needed materials.

A student scenario is a hypothetical situation used to teach classroom management skills. In some cases, the teacher must explain how to solve the situation in words. In other cases, the teacher must actually solve the situation in a simulated class where teacher trainers pretend to be misbehaving students.

Many scenarios involve discipline problems such as students talking too much during class, repeatedly asking to go to the bathroom or refusing to complete assigned work. Other scenarios ask teachers to solve more major discipline problems, such as students bringing a weapon to school or fighting during class. In all cases, the teacher must find a solution that does not escalate the situation but also does not take too much time away from class.

Other scenarios involve academic issues, such as cheating on tests or coming to class without a pen or pencil. Teachers may be asked how they would deal with a student who frequently misses school and falls behind academically, or how they would teach a student who had poor reading skills and was unable to understand the assigned work. In all cases, a successful situation to the scenario requires both solving the problem in the short term and finding a long-term way to help the student improve his or her academic skills.