What Is a Student Certification Letter?

Student certification letters are issued by colleges and universities in order to verify that the letter holder is a currently enrolled student at that institution. These letters may be useful in a variety of situations, including serving as proof of current enrollment for deferral of student loan payments, eligibility for student discounts, notifying other university of good standing for transfer purposes and notifying prospective employers of university or college attendance. Certification letters are typically issued by a college administrative office, such as the office of the registrar, and may include information like registration status, grade point average, major or degree emphasis, projected graduation date and academic level.

Some colleges may have restrictions on who can receive a certification letter. For example, students who are admitted to the school but have not yet registered for classes may not be eligible to obtain a certification letter. Instead, the school may provide such students with a similar document such as a letter of acceptance or pre-registration.

The school may also be able to certify past enrollment, but may have restrictions on its ability to do so, such as not being able to certify past enrollment beyond the current school semester or quarter. The registrar's office may offer to mail the letter directly to the intended recipient.