What Is a Student Blackboard Account?


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A student Blackboard account is a system user account established by a school for an enrolled student to access academic information through Blackboard Learn, a digital learning management system. This system is used to manage the delivery of learning materials and instruction, to help students store and organize their digital files, and to communicate information from instructors, including deadlines and grades.

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The main purpose of Blackboard Learn is to provide online features to traditional face-to-face courses and to serve as a system of delivery for an entirely online class. These features include communication tools, such as chat boxes and discussion boards, as well as automated announcements and class update messages. Content features on Blackboard Learn help instructors organize content into different learning modules, publish text and video content directly to students, and to post grades in a digital gradebook.

Students can submit assignments, receive feedback from instructors and may be able to complete quizzes and exams online, depending on how the instructor or school utilizes the system.

Blackboard accounts for students can only be established by a school that uses the Blackboard system. Each of these schools uses Blackboard differently, and the program can look and work differently for students at different schools.

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