How Does a Student Take an Accelerated Reader Book Quiz?

In order to take a Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader book quiz, a student must first choose a book to read from the list of Accelerated Reader compatible titles in the learning resource company's BookFinder list. As of 2015, the list contains more than 140,000 age-graded book titles, including more than 60,000 nonfiction books When the student finishes reading the chosen book, the book's software-based quiz can then be taken at school.

Students can take the Accelerated Reading tests on a variety of devices, including iPads and iPhones. The quiz must, however, be taken at school because Renaissance Learning requires that the test be monitored. There are four different quizzes that students can take: literacy skills, vocabulary practice, reading practice and textbook quizzes. All of the tests are in multiple-choice format. To accommodate students who are learning English, a recorded-voice format is available for many of the quizzes. Students' parents can review the results of their child's Accelerated Reading tests through reports generated at Renaissance Learning's HomeConnect portal.

As of 2015, there are more than 25,000 schools subscribing to the Accelerated Reading program worldwide. Educators can use the reports generated by the software to determine which of their students have learning gaps and require a remedial intervention. Although the Accelerated Reading BookFinder list contains a wide variety of books to choose from, students are limited by the inventory of books that are actually available at their school.