How Do You Structure Physical Education Lesson Plans?


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Physical education plans should include a purpose statement at the start of the document that outlines the skills taught and proposed outcomes based on the lesson. The lesson plan should also include materials needed or required for the activity, prerequisites or previous knowledge needed from the students, and the grade level for the lesson.

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Physical education plans should include a description or breakdown of the activity. For example, an activity that uses colored bean bags should provide an explanation of how the teacher demonstrates the physical activity and how the students carry it out. Such an explanation may include strategies for discussing the purpose of the activity, actions desired by the students, instructions of how to play the game, and a time slot for discussion about the activity's results.

A physical education lesson plan should also include an area for teaching suggestions. Tips about how to conduct the activity, ways to prompt students to succeed and potential challenges are ideal for this section of the lesson plan. The lesson plan can also include a blank area for teachers to write notes about modifications to the activity or proposed changes to the lesson plan for future use. Lessons created in advance help teachers to stay on track with curriculum and classroom activities while providing a cue sheet to lead lessons.

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