What Are Some Strategies for Building Reading Skills?

What Are Some Strategies for Building Reading Skills?

There are five important strategies for building reading skills that include modeling fluent reading, repeating reading sections, promoting phrased reading, enlisting tutors and using reading performance in public. These strategies all improve reading comprehension, which is the goal of building reading skills.

A powerful way to help a child build skills is to model what reading should sound like by reading to them regularly. Varying the types of literature that are read sparks the child's interests and imagination. At the end of the session, the child discusses what made the reader a good or bad narrator.

Next, a short reading section, such as a poem or paragraph, is chosen that can be read repeatedly. This encourages readers to acknowledge any phrasing problems, misunderstood words or sounds, and correct them. This method helps build confidence and increases the reading rate of a child.

Fluent reading involves reading phrases seamlessly, not just words. Children can be taught phrase reading by using poetry. The child can read the poem line by line to help them comprehend how phrases should sound when read.

Enlisting the help of a tutor can reinforce the strategies the children are learning. Tutors can read selections with children simultaneously and offer feedback for issues the child might have or praise them when they do well. Another strategy is to have the child perform a script aloud in front of others. The script is provided beforehand and practiced with multiple people before the child gives the performance.