What Stickers Are Most Common Among Teachers?

What Stickers Are Most Common Among Teachers?

Halloween and star stickers are the most common among teachers. In the United States, "walk to school" and "thumbs up" themes are also very popular stickers for teachers to use in school. There are also a variety of reward stickers, ranging from attendance to "wow" themes.

From grades K-12, teachers use stickers to reward academic and personal achievements. Fun shapes and short sayings add to a variety of themes, including popular holidays. Halloween themes are the top-selling stickers, but customized star stickers are the most used rewards stickers in the classroom.

Stickers are often used to build rapport with students. Teachers use them in a variety of ways to remember student names, guide activities, mark academic work and reward progress for students. Teachers also use stickers to distinguish visitors or guests for special events during the school year.

Academic stickers come in a variety of subjects, including healthy eating and math formulas. Stickers may be used within the classroom to liven up a lesson for younger students. Older students enjoy the fun of earning stickers.

Since Halloween is popular across the country, teachers use special themes in October to reward or decorate student work. If a teacher uses stickers daily to mark achievements, she can use holiday or seasonal stickers to keep the rewards relevant throughout the school year.