What Are the Steps for Writing a Research Paper?


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To write a research paper, choose a topic that can be adequately covered in the allotted word count, collect sources, write an outline, write the first draft, edit and add a works cited page. Subsequent drafts may be necessary The actual writing involves several more detailed steps,depending on how in-depth the paper is and what your purpose is in writing it.

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When picking a subject, make sure there are enough research materials online and offline to provide adequate information.

After you choose your topic, determine the thesis, which is the central idea that your paper is trying to convey to the reader. Write the thesis at the beginning of your outline and then come up with several supporting arguments. Three to five supporting articles are generally sufficient for shorter papers, but more may be necessary for longer papers.

Cite your work with both in-text citations and a bibliography section at the end of the paper. Cite any information that isn't common knowledge, and use quotes to denote direct use of someone else's writing. The citation style you use depends on the subject of the paper. MLA is used for literature, whereas APA is used for history, psychology and other humanities.

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