What Are the Steps of the Writing Process?

The steps to the writing process are pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, rewriting and publishing. They are a fluid, recursive series of tasks through which written works are created, and they typically result in successive versions of a piece as it winds its way through various stages and transformations.

These steps can occur multiple times and at any point during a work’s creation. They make writing easier by facilitating the finding and expressing of ideas. In most cases, they begin with a pre-write where authors use an outline, graphic organizer, brainstorming or other activity to carry out initial planning.

The pre-write is normally followed by a draft. Here, the author quickly jots down ideas in sentence form that were generated from the pre-write. Errors in grammar and spelling are ignored at this point. The main goal is simply to record thoughts before they are forgotten.

Following the rough draft is a revision, in which the writer makes changes to improve the piece. The primary goal now is to make sure the intended message is communicated. It often helps to read the text aloud and seek the input of others.

The stage where one finally looks for mistakes in grammar and spelling is called editing. It comes just before rewriting the manuscript that is used as a final draft. This is in turn followed by publishing, the last step where the piece is produced in a format easily shared with others.