What Are the Steps for Writing a Literature Review?


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The steps for writing a literature review are to find materials relevant to the subject, write a thesis statement or overview, divide the works into categories, explain similarities and dissimilarities between works and conclude with the most valid and compelling points. The final step is to edit, proofread and revise the project as needed.

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Because of the rapidly growing number of scientific publications, scientists no longer have time to examine all research in detail. Literature reviews are in high demand because they offer summaries of the latest scientific data.

Before the writing of a literature review begins, the writer should find materials that fit a particular theory or subject and facilitate understanding of the topic. The credentials of the authors and the materials should be valid. The first part of the review should be an overview that clearly states the objectives of the writer. The review should categorize works based on their position for or against the thesis and works that present alternative viewpoints. The review should compare and contrast the authors' most relevant points.

The conclusion should point out which arguments are the most compelling and relevant to the subject matter. It is also customary to provide insight into how the subject relates to broader topics. The editing and proofreading phase of the project should ensure that all the information is clear and logical. The writer should consider the best order and flow of the topics and correct all spelling and grammatical errors.

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