What Are Some of the Steps in Writing a Letter to the Editor?


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Some steps involved in writing a letter to the editor include choosing a publication, choosing a single focus for the letter and making reference to the piece to which the letter is responding. Double-check the spelling and grammar of the letter prior to submitting it.

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Some letters to the editor are in direct response to an article or a previous letter to the editor. If this one is a response, mention that in the first line of the letter. The letter should follow the publication’s instructions exactly. Some publications have requirements regarding minimum and maximum word counts, topics to be discussed, and guidelines about how and when to submit the letter.

When submitting the letter, include the writer's contact information, such as a name, phone number, address and email address. This verifies a person’s identity. Include all necessary information in the letter. Write with focus, including clever statements and wording that is easy for a general audience to read. Don’t go off on tangents or stray from the point of the letter.

Most letters to the editor are only two to three paragraphs long. The first paragraph includes an introduction, objection and main problem. The second paragraph discusses the writer’s view. If there is a third paragraph, it concludes the main points of the letter.

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