What Are the Steps to Writing an Analysis Paper?


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To write an analysis paper, start with an introduction that has a strong opening sentence that gets the reader's attention, such as a quote or interesting fact about the subject. The introduction should also contain a solid thesis upon which the body of the paper is built. The thesis is a comprehensive summary of your observations of the subject matter, supported by approved resources.

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The body of the paper is composed of paragraphs that focus on each topic addressed or supported by the thesis statement. Organize the body coherently, focusing discussion on the chosen subject matter. Each paragraph should focus on one topic at a time. Avoid addressing too many topics in the body of the paper to ensure that each issue addressed directly supports the stated thesis.

Once the body is complete, write a conclusion that summarizes the main points addressed in the body. Include a reworded version of your thesis statement to point to the evidence presented in the paper. If your analysis provokes any other observations, include them as well. Create a separate Works Cited page that lists any references used in your research. Consult the chosen format style for the paper to determine how to compose the citations.

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