What Steps Are Typical in a English Listening Courses?


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Some basic steps typically found in English listening courses include listening to a recorded dialogue, answering multiple choice quiz questions about the dialogue, checking the answers and reading the conversation dialogue. Many websites offer such English language listening practice, including TalkEnglish.com and 5MinuteEnglish.com.

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The type and level of English language listening practice depends on the particular website. For example, some websites automatically have the written dialogue available for reference while playing the audio, while others keep it hidden in order to allow the listener to first focus on listening comprehension. Some websites provide lessons in succession, while others allow the user to move to different levels as desired. Some websites offer dialogues arranged by theme, such as eating at a restaurant, getting a new apartment, attending a birthday party or talking about the weather. Sometimes it is also possible to choose from general categories including business English, travel English and idioms and phrases.

Typically, the websites' audio files and written dialogues are downloadable so that the lessons can be reviewed while offline. English language learning websites also recommend watching movies in English or listening to music in English. Both resources can help learners improve listening comprehension and hear English being spoken at a natural speed.

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