What Are the Steps to Becoming a Teacher?

What Are the Steps to Becoming a Teacher?


The steps to becoming a teacher include learning about the field, finding a degree and specialty, gaining relevant experience and certification, and then getting hired for the job. With teacher shortages in many places as of 2015, the prospective teacher has options as to where she goes to begin teaching.

The first step is learning about the teaching field. This includes how education in an area is affected by local, state and national guidelines as well as the differences between public and private school education. During this time, the prospective teacher should make sure he truly wants to teach.

The teacher must then choose a degree program that caters to both the subject they wish to teach and the grade level specialty she wishes to teach, such as elementary education or secondary education. One of the best ways to do this is to visit different schools and observe the kinds of classes she wishes to teach.

After the teacher completes her degree program, she must qualify for a teaching certification in the state she wishes to teach. If this is in the same state that her degree program was in, the degree program should have adequately prepared her for the certification exam. After receiving satisfactory scores, the prospective teacher can apply for certification and, with this, apply for jobs to become a teacher.