Which States Have the Highest Overall School Rankings?


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States with the top-rated schools included New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Kansas and Colorado, as of 2014. The schools were ranked by a WalletHub study that ranked schools based on student-teacher ratios, test scores, dropout rates and school safety rates, among other factors.

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New Jersey was the highest-overall state in the study. The state received top ratings for its school system and also ranked second in both overall safety and education scores. Most of the other top-rated schools were also in the Northeast. Massachusetts ranked second overall, with the second school system in the country. The state ranked fairly low in terms of school safety, arriving at 12th overall, but high scores in other areas were enough to elevate the state’s ranking.

Vermont placed third overall in the survey. Like Massachusetts, the state did not receive the highest safety rating, but its third-ranked school system was enough to put it high on the list. Neighboring state New Hampshire ranked fourth on the list, with another high system ranking and a lower school-safety rating. Kansas, the top state outside of the Northeast, ranked eighth for its school system but third for its overall school safety. Other highly-ranked states included Colorado, Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland and Washington.

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