What States Have the Highest and Lowest Education Rankings in 2015?

What States Have the Highest and Lowest Education Rankings in 2015?

In 2015, the state of Massachusetts ranks the highest in terms of educational performance and quality while Mississippi ranks the lowest, according to data compiled by the Education Week Research Center. Massachusetts received a composite score of 86.2 out of 100, while Mississippi scored 64.2. These scores are based upon three broad categories of data: K-12 Achievement, Chance for Success and School Finance. These categories include factors such as test scores, family income and school funding.

Massachusetts displayed numerous strengths, including strong eighth-grade mathematics scores and a high number of college degree earners. The majority of Massachusetts students also came from households earning well above the poverty level.

While Massachusetts scored the highest overall, several states were close behind. New Jersey earned an 85.5 out of 100 and Maryland an 85.2.

Mississippi students faced a number of challenges. Both fourth and eighth graders scored poorly in math and reading. Students were more likely than the national average to come from families with low incomes, and they were less likely to graduate high school.

Mississippi is not alone in its low ranking. Nevada scored almost as poorly, with a 65, and New Mexico scored a 65.5.

The United States as a whole received a grade of 74.3.