How Do You Start Writing a Thesis?


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Begin writing your thesis by first creating a topic within your specific discipline and receiving approval from your supervisor. In some departments, a general research topic is assigned by the supervisor. Next, turn this idea into a research proposal for approval from your supervisor. After being approved, study other theses and dissertations. Finally, start writing the thesis by focusing on the proposed sections or chapters you are most comfortable with.

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Since it is difficult for many writer to complete their thesis sequentially, begin by writing about and researching the topics that are most familiar to you. Because you already have an outline of the proposed sections and an idea of what your research methodology is, develop ideas for less familiar sections while you work on more familiar sections. Because editing the thesis is an ongoing process, you have time later to create adequate transitions between sections and to arrange sections in an order that maximizes readability and understanding.

To make reading the thesis easier, utilize a handful of keywords and terms from your research proposal throughout the thesis. Be consistent and use the same words and terms throughout the thesis instead of substituting different words to avoid the appearance of repetition.

As you write new sections, add them to the table of contents at the beginning of your thesis to help the reader navigate your documents. This also helps you determine if you have left out any crucial information and that the information is logically organized.

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