How Do You Start Writing a Book?


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Starting a book involves many different steps and concerns, including choosing a subject, determining what makes that subject unique, creating an outline of the book and beginning the actual writing. Carefully considering these steps can help writers gain a better understanding of their book and what is necessary to complete it.

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Although choosing a subject may seem obvious, it is a crucial step in the writing process. Aspiring writers need to determine what topics they are uniquely suited to write about. The sheer amount of published books in existence dictates that almost any subject imaginable has already been written about numerous times.

Regardless of what they choose to write about, writers need to decide how their approach to the subject is different from others. With this in mind, another useful strategy for aspiring writers is to examine books that cover similar subject matter and determine what makes their own take on the idea different. By examining the competition, writers can better perceive which specific qualities differentiate their own work.

Once writers choose a topic and perspective, they must get down to the real work of outlining and writing the book. An outline gives writers a clear plan to follow and also shows potential publishers that the writer has a definitive sense of the book's content. Writing the first few chapters also makes a more convincing submission for publishers.

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