How Do You Start a Preschool?


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Applicants must submit an application, pay fees, and satisfy child abuse and criminal background checks for state governments. A degree, or credits in the education field, is required before establishing a preschool. A business license must be obtained.

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The laws for starting a preschool business vary by state, and interested prospects should check with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Child Welfare for more information. A business plan must take certain measures into account, such as startup costs, salaries, policies and business hours. The number of children on the premises must also be considered.

A preschool can be managed from home or a commercial location. The requirements for space depends on the state. Liability insurance is necessary for covering property damage or injury on the property. Hiring personnel is a necessary part of running a preschool. A preschool teacher is needed to teach each class, and assistants may be necessary to provide extra support. Preschool owners may be allowed to establish standards for teachers, but states vary when it comes to teacher credentials. Business owners can hire directors if the owner does not meet state requirements to run a preschool.

Various supplies are needed, including books, puzzles, chairs, tables, nap mats, toys and games. Safety equipment must be purchased, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and secured medicine cabinets. Advertising is another part of running a preschool business. Owners can post fliers in places that include libraries, community centers, schools and grocery stores. Phone directories and newspapers are other advertising options.

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