How Do You Start an Introduction?

A writer should start an introduction with a piece of information that grabs the reader's attention. Also advise the reader of what the writing piece is about.

Most professional writers use five different patterns that are used to grab the interest of a reader: historical statement, an anecdote, a surprising piece of information, a famous person quote or statement, or a declarative.

When presenting an historical review, the writer simply provides a small piece of information regarding the history of the topic presented in the writing piece. An anecdote is a little story that relates to the overall topic of the paper or story. Writers can use a piece of information that is meant to catch the attention of the reader, as it usually is a fact or statement about the topic that most readers may not know.

When using information about or a quote from a famous person, that person must somehow relate to the subject of the writing piece. It could be something this person said that relates to the topic, or something that he did that ties into the subject. A declarative, which is just a straight-forward statement on what the written piece is about, is commonly used, but the writer should choose his words carefully.