How Do You Start an Interview Summary Paper?


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To start an interview summary paper, organize all information you?ve gathered from the interview by grouping it into categories. Select a thesis statement, and make an outline, assigning each group of information into particular sections of the paper.

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Group the information based on specific characteristics. For instance, separate information about the interview subject's childhood life and his career or adult life. Think about how to connect these pieces of information to make the paper flow smoothly.

When selecting a general focus for the interview summary, review the guidelines provided by the instructor, if any. Focus on influential people or events that affected the interview subject's life or how the interview subject influenced your life.

Interview summary papers are usually written in either a question-and-answer format or a narrative format. Include information that reflects what you learned during the interview. If you find it hard to start writing the paper, begin at any section and revise the paper later to add other essential details. Interview summary papers written for a class typically require information about the interview location and method, physical behaviors, and other observations. Add direct quotations word for word, or paraphrase information properly to avoid plagiarism from sources other than the interview subject.

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