How Do You Start Homeschooling Your Child?

How Do You Start Homeschooling Your Child?

Parents can start homeschooling their children by figuring out the legalities, deciding on an approach and tapping into their local homeschool community. They should be patient and open to experimenting with various philosophies of education.

The rules for homeschooling vary from state to state. Parents need to learn what their state requires. Some states, such as California, require parents to register as a private school. Other states, such as Pennsylvania, require homeschool students to take standardized exams.

Parents who do not know the rules in their jurisdictions can contact the state’s homeschool association. They should also call the local school district to officially withdraw their children from the roster. Otherwise, they might receive a visit from agents investigating educational neglect.

Parents who support a classical education can expose their children to works of Western literature. Other parents can permit their children to choose the course of their education. Parents need to keep records of their children’s homeschool years; the records can be in the form of daily journals. They should set a schedule that works best for their children. They can ask other homeschoolers for recommendations and tips on how to set a schedule.

Parents who want to re-create a conventional school environment in their home can use a structured curriculum approach. Homeschooling allows parents to tailor the curriculum to their children’s needs. Parents can join a homeschool co-op in their area to get outside support and trade expertise with other parents.