How do you start a debate introduction?


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A proper debate introduction depends upon the format of the debate as well as whether the person speaking is the moderator, proposer or opposition. Additionally, for individuals who are not presenting opening remarks, the proper introduction format depends on whether they're acting as an affirmative or negative side of the debate.

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How do you start a debate introduction?
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For moderators, opening remarks should introduce the subject of the debate and the participants and briefly explain the format. The moderator is simply a person who acts as a buffer between those debating a subject and doesn't actually offer his own arguments. The proposer and opposition present their arguments based on whether they have selected a position in the affirmative or negative of the subject being debated. Opening remarks usually introduce the topic and then the argument to be defended. They often include several tidbits of information intended to capture the audience and persuade it to be actively engaged in following the debate. Debate introductions usually have a preset time limit. The British Parliamentary debate format is the most commonly used and that used by the World Universities Debating Championship. In that competition, each team member receives 7 minutes in which to introduce her argument and provide important supporting data to capture the audience's attention.

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