How Do You Start a Business Letter?

start-business-letter Credit: sot/Taxi Japan/Getty Images

The proper header is necessary to start a business letter. Begin with your address. Skip a line, and fully write out the date. Skip another line, and write the inside address of person you are addressing. Skip one last line, and write your salutation, ending with a colon.

  1. Write your address

    Begin the header of a business letter with your address. You should not include your name with your address in the header, as it is typically included in the closing of the letter.

  2. Write the date

    Skip a line after your address, and fully write out the date. Write out the month in letters, and do not use a numerical abbreviation, slashes or dashes.

  3. Write the inside address

    Skip another line, and write the inside address of the person to whom you are addressing the letter. Include the person's full name, job title, company name and business address on separate lines. If you know any routing information, include that in the inside address as well.

  4. Write the salutation

    Skip one more line, and write the salutation of your letter. If you are unaware of the gender of the person you are addressing the letter to, write the full name to avoid using gendered titles, like Mr./Ms. End the salutation, with a colon, then skip another line to begin the body of your letter.