How Do You Start a Biography?

The beginning of a biography varies based on the aspects of the person's life; however, many writers begin with an anecdote about the person's life or details about when and where the subject was born. A flashback into the subject's childhood experiences is also one option for the beginning.

Primarily, writers should focus on the most interesting aspect of the individual when beginning a biography. Basic details about the subject's life, such as family information, lifetime accomplishments, date and place of birth and death, and major life events, may prove to be the most interesting and make for an interesting beginning. If the subject left an impact on society or lived a life of historical significance in the community, this information may work well for the introduction.

The opening statement should motivate and engage the reader, such as "John Doe's life deeply affected the community and even the course of history." The next few sentences should provide details that support the opening statement, such as descriptions or specifics about how John Doe changed the course of history. The introduction should also include a thesis statement toward the end of the first paragraph. The thesis statement defines the main message or theme the writer wants to convey about the subject in the biography.