What Does Starfall Provide for Students During First Grade?

What Does Starfall Provide for Students During First Grade?


Starfall offers a variety of math and language activities that support Common Core State Standards for first grade, such as word problem practice, time-telling games and interactive books that integrate phonics activities. Starfall began as a free phonics-based program to teach preschool, kindergarten and first grade students how to read.

As of 2015, Starfall has hundreds of online learning activities to develop math and language skills, including over 40 activities for first graders. To access all of the content on Starfall, users must purchase an annual subscription, but several activities are available without a membership.

The Talking Library features narrated books that encourage children to read along. Nonmembers have access to three nonfiction titles and four fiction and poetry selections. Starfall Comics offers colorful graphic-novel-style books for early readers, such as Lemonade Girl and Skater Dog and the Moon Trip.

Nine complete first-grade phonics units are available to subscribers. Each unit features short read-aloud stories that highlight specific sight words and phonetic sounds. Nonmembers may access select lessons in five units.

First-grade math activities at Starfall include addition and subtraction word problems, base ten practice activities, clock matching and a pizza sharing game for nonmembers. Students with a Starfall account may access additional math activities, such as interactive coin books, regrouping and counting practice, tangrams and missing addend problems.