How Do Starfall Games Help Children Learn?

How Do Starfall Games Help Children Learn?

Starfall games help children learn to read by emphasizing letter-sound relationships and making the website very easy for children to navigate. The site offers four sections for children: ABCs, Learn to Read, It's Fun to Read and I'm Reading.

In the ABCs section, children click on their chosen letter. What follows is a brief animation in which both the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter are brought out and the letter is sounded out twice. In conjunction with this interactive app, Starfall also offers printable ABC sheets to better develop student skills.

In the Learn to Read Section, children focus on pairing letters with sounds to create new words by using audio and visual clues. This includes choosing the right letter to add to the "an" sound to form the word "fan."

The It's Fun to Read section features a variety of reading activities focused on subjects such as art, music, and poetry. These interactive lessons spell out words for students and also inform them more about their chosen subject.

The I'm Reading section also features a variety of activities. This section features myths, plays, comics, and more. As with the It's Fun to Read section, users click on the words of their chosen text and the website reads those words aloud.