How Do You Take a STAR Reading Test?


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A student takes a STAR Reading Test by clicking I'm a Student, entering a user name and password, and answering the questions on the computer screen. Each student takes the STAR Reading Test only one time per school or subscription year.

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The STAR Reading Test assesses student reading levels for placement in other reading programs such as Accelerated Reader. The test takes about 20 minutes for students to complete.

Before a student takes the STAR Reading Test, the teacher must enter the student into the Renaissance Place database. The teacher also enrolls the student in a STAR reading class. Each student gets an individual user name and password to use for taking the test. When the student enters her unique information, the system automatically takes her to the correct level of the STAR Reading Test.

The practice questions before the actual test ensure the student understands how to answer. The test is computer-adaptive, meaning the computer adjusts the test as the student answers questions. If she answers questions easily, the computer might adjust them to make them more difficult. In some cases, the computer gives a student additional questions after a second set of practice questions. The student clicks OK at the end of the test, and the system automatically logs the student out of the STAR Reading test program.

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