How Do You Get Into Stanford University?


As of 2014, Stanford University requires applicants to submit SAT or ACT Plus Writing test scores, an official high school transcript, the Common Application School Report Form with a letter of evaluation by a counselor, two teacher evaluations, the First Year Common Application for Stanford and a nonrefundable application fee. Additionally, applicants may submit the optional Art Supplement and an extra letter of recommendation by a non-teacher.

Send the scores for SAT or ACT Plus Writing tests directly to the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission from the College Board or ACT before application deadlines. All test scores must be reported. Stanford recommends but does not require SAT Subject Tests as well as the Test of English as a Foreign Language for international students.

Send school reports and transcripts directly from the school, preferably online. A 12th grade midyear report should be submitted as soon as it is available. The First Year Common Application is a generic application used by many U.S. universities. To ensure it is sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, applicants should select Stanford in the "My Colleges" list and answer the unique "Stanford Questions" by clicking on Stanford University in the list. These questions include personal essays.

Although Stanford's primary criterion for admission is academic excellence, there is no minimum required GPA or test scores. Visiting the campus or enrolling in Stanford summer programs does not affect admission decisions. Stanford looks not only at the high school transcript but also at the recommendations of others, the applicant's personal essays and the applicant's unique personal circumstances when evaluating who would thrive most in the Stanford academic atmosphere.