What Is the Standard Book Report Format?

The standard form of a book report gives an overview of the characters, plot events and main thesis statements of the book. The book report writer can then go into more depth about one or two specific ideas.

A book report is different from a book review, which focuses on analyzing and interpreting the book as well as evaluating it from a critical and stylistic standpoint. A book report is primarily for summarizing the plot, characters, events and main thesis.

First, the book report writer should introduce the title of the book and the name of its author. This should be followed by a quick summary of what the reader has learned and what he enjoyed about the work.

Next, the plot of the novel or other work should be outlined and summarized. Major characters should be introduced, and the major elements that move the story along should be summed up succinctly. The book report writer can provide commentary on what he liked or disliked about the plot and the characters.

It is often a good idea to pick one or two specific points to discuss. If there is anything about a character, event or main thesis that is especially interesting to the reader, he can go into a little more depth about it beyond the initial summary. The writer can address any emotional responses he had to the book and whether he related to it in some way. In closing, the book report can recommend or not recommend the book to others.