How Are SSAT Tests Scored?


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Secondary School Admissions Test scores are based on a formula that takes into consideration the number of questions answered correctly and incorrectly. This formula only applies to Middle and Upper Level SSAT tests, not the Elementary Level test.

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The formula used for the Middle and Upper Level SSAT tests involves assigning one point for each correct answer and deducting 1/4 point for each incorrect answer. Test takers do not lose any points for skipped questions. The raw score is based on the number of right answers, minus 1/4 the number of wrong answers. For the Elementary Level SSAT, test takers receive one point for each right answer. They do not lose points for wrong answers.

The SSAT consists of quantitative, reading comprehension and verbal sections. These sections feature multiple choice questions. There is an additional writing sample section. The test assesses students' problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Independent and private schools may require the SSAT as part of the admissions process. The youngest children who take this test are third graders who are applying to enter a school for fourth grade. The oldest are 11th graders. The Secondary School Admissions Test Board administers the tests. A group of admissions officers from independent schools founded the Board and the SSAT in 1957.

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