Are SpringBoard Mathematical Tests High-Quality Resources for Educators?


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SpringBoard Mathematics Program can be a high-quality resource for educators because it includes content to prepare students for college and future careers, features activities that can help teachers effectively engage students, has a flexible instructional design that enables teachers to adjust the activities for students' needs and helps teachers teach math more effectively to English language learners. However, while some teachers praise Springboard for its hand-on approach to math, others have noted that they haven't seen positive change in their students' math performance, as reported by The Tampa Tribune.

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SpringBoard serves a preparation program for Advanced Placement, or AP, courses, and it is suitable for students in grades six through 12. The program covers both English language arts and mathematics, and it teaches test taking and learning strategies along with the subject-area content. It is largely focused on preparing students to do well in college.

SpringBoard mathematics enables teachers to set learning goals for each lesson and then use activities to prepare students for assessments. Some of the assessment tools feature include a pretest for finding out which skills students still need to learn the math concepts included in the next lesson, end of activity practice questions and a test bank. The testing tools available make Springboard Math helpful for accelerating advanced students and providing remediation for underachievers.

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