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Some spooky names for girls include Elvira, Drusilla, Cruella, Griselda, Morticia, Antoinette, Crimson, Scarlet, Raven and Shadow. Some spooky names for boys include Damien, Norman, Igor, Cole, Vlad, Luther, Boris, Dexter, Ebenezer and Mephistopheles. Some spooky surnames include Apollos, Calamity, Drake, Abatu, Dolores, Lilith, Mara, Morell, Ubel and Wolfgang.

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Some of these names come from famous characters from horror movies or TV shows, and some of them simply have spooky meanings in foreign languages or even in English.

Cruella is the name of the villian in "Disney's 101 Dalmations," and Drusilla comes from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Morticia is the mother from "The Addams Family," but the word also means "death" in French. For boys, Dexter is the star of the TV show "Dexter," and Igor is the hunchbacked assistant of a mad scientist in the kids' movie "Igor." Mephistopheles is the name of a devil from a 16th-century book called "Faustbuch."

Crimson, Scarlet, Raven and Shadow are all spooky names with meanings in English. As for the surnames, Apollos means "destroyer." Calamity means "misfortune," and "Abatu" means "destructive" or "negative energy." Dolores is Spanish for "sorrow," and Drake's meaning is "dragon." Lilith is Hebrew for "of the night." Mara means "bitter," and Morell means "moor" or "dark one" in French. Ubel and Wolfgang are German for "evil" and "advancing wolves," respectively.

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