What Does Spelling City Offer Students?

Spelling City is an online program that provides practice with spelling, vocabulary, writing and language arts. Lessons are game-based to keep learning fun and engaging for students.

Thanks to the learning games, students are constantly challenged while learning how to spell. Games meet national standards to ensure that students are mastering skills needed while having fun. There are activities for grades K - 12 and the program is available to use for parents, teachers, school districts and home schools.

Tasks are designed to give students exposure in multiple ways to a word to make sure that the student has learned it fully. Spelling and vocabulary lists can be printed out, the words practiced and then the student can play games to use the words. The program is self-paced and can be customized as needed to make sure that each student is receiving a proper educational challenge.

Spelling City is available to use anywhere there is an Internet connection. The program can easily be used on the computer, but it can also be used on mobile devices using an app. Membership is offered in two levels - free and premium - with the most basic features offered at the free level.