What Are Some Speech Topics for Grade Four?

Some interesting and unique speech topics for fourth grade are "Life Without Homework," "My Annoying Sister" and "Life With Stepparents." Since most fourth graders have not had much experience giving speeches, choosing a familiar topic may make the process easier.

When preparing for a speech, the student should take some time choosing a topic with which he or she is comfortable. The topic should not be too broad or too narrow. The student can ask the teacher for help if he or she is unsure whether or not the topic is appropriate.

After the topic has been decided upon, the student should make five or six sub-topics. Enough details should be written about each sub-topic to cover approximately one to two minutes of speaking. After the sub-topics, it is time for the student to write the opening statement, the introduction and the conclusion.

Practice makes perfect, and once the speech is complete, the student should practice in front of mom or dad, a friend or a mirror. A stopwatch is handy to time the speech to ensure it is within the time constraints set out by the teacher. To make it a memorable speech, the student should remember to make eye contact with the audience, speak up so everyone can hear and let his or her face reflect the emotions of the speech.