How Do You Get a Speech Therapist Degree?

Obtain a speech therapy degree by completing all required coursework through an accredited institution. In the United States, speech therapists must earn a master's degree in speech and language pathology before they can be fully licensed.

Before they can get a master's degree, speech therapy program candidates must obtain their undergraduate degree. There are speech therapy and language pathology certification programs available, as well as associate and bachelor's degree programs that are focused on the discipline. While it is not mandatory to earn an undergraduate degree in a speech-related discipline, it is advisable to seek a bachelor's degree in communication or hearing sciences. The coursework for these majors often includes many of the credits that are necessary to enter a speech therapy graduate program.

The coursework for a graduate-level speech and language pathology program often includes several hours of supervised clinical work where the candidate demonstrates her ability to apply the skills and techniques learned. Once a person has graduated from an accredited speech therapy graduate program with a master's degree, she must become licensed by the state she plans to work in. Licensing requirements vary by state, and some states require speech therapists to earn continuing education credits in order to maintain their license.