What Are Some of the Special Offerings of the Overdrive Digital Library?

What Are Some of the Special Offerings of the Overdrive Digital Library?

The OverDrive digital library gives individual consumers and corporate customers access to more than 2 million titles, including books, music, audio books and video. OverDrive says it has more online materials available than any other provider in the industry.

OverDrive features compatibility with Amazon's Kindle reader as well as applications for every other popular reading device available. Users can read e-books and listen to audiobook content on either mobile apps or a desktop app. Users can also watch video on Android and iOS machines.

OverDrive Read allows users to read titles across platforms. OverDrive Read syncs devices so the user doesn't lose her location in the book when crossing platforms.

Whether the user is looking at an e-book, listening to music or watching a video, all content is available on the same website, letting users move smoothly around their collections. OverDrive digital library also says it has best-in-class streaming technology, which makes it possible to play movies directly from the browser.

OverDrive has some other resources to help users with their libraries. The site has a separate eReading room for children. The OverDrive media station lets users learn about the diverse offerings in the OverDrive catalog. It also lets corporate customers easily show potential consumers the range of offerings they currently have on file.