What Are Some Speaking Tips From IELTS?


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The International English Language Testing System speaking test is set up to simulate real-life situations, so relax and speak as naturally as you can. Elaborate as much as possible when you answer questions, and express your true thoughts on topics, as the interviewers assess you on your ability to communicate, not your personal opinions. Do not give rote answers, as interviewers know how to spot these.

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If you do not understand a question, ask for a clarification. Give lengthy answers, analyzing and justifying your ideas and opinions. The first part of the interview is an introduction, and the interviewer asks you questions about your family, studies, home, work and personal interests. Do not give brief answers, but rather use this opportunity to elaborate on subjects that are familiar to you.

During the second part of the test, the interviewer gives you a prompt card with a topic and specific points that you need to develop. Use the brief time that the interviewer gives you before you begin to organize your thoughts and take some notes. Once you start your presentation, go over the topic points one by one in as much detail as you can, and do not stop talking until the interviewer indicates that your time is up. In the discussion that follows, be prepared to elaborate further by answering questions that the interviewer asks on the topic you have just presented.

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