What Are Some Spanish Love Phrases?


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Phrases such as "Eres linda," "Pienso en ti siempre," "Te quiero" and "Te amo" are some Spanish love phrases. The meanings of the phrases are, respectively, "You are pretty," "I always think of you," "I have feelings for you" and "I love you."

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The Spanish usually say "Pienso en ti siempre" to tell someone that they think about him or her all the time. "Te quiero" and "Te amo" are phrases that people use to confess their love to another person. The two phrases are similar to some extent, yet "Te quiero" is more subtle than "Te amo." The phrase "Te quiero" is also suitable to use with family and friends, while "Te amo" suits when a person is talking to his or her lover.

In addition, when describing a man or a woman, the ending of an adjective must match the gender of the person mentioned: "a" for a woman and "o" for a man. For example, "Eres linda," which means "You are pretty," is a phrase that a man can use to compliment a woman on her beauty. In case a woman appreciates a man's appearance, she uses "Eres lindo" instead.

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